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Date: 09/06/23 03:53
Looking for dockyard documentary (NZ?)
Author: Jettrainfan

Hey there,

Every now and then I try looking on YouTube for a documentary I saw years ago but made the mistake of not adding it to my favorites.

It was either from the 1970's or 1980's and followed dock yard workers as they switched cars around the facility. I want to say it was filmed in New Zealand or Australia, but could have been a different English speaking country. I can't remember what the motive power was, but it was all diesels and I want to say the freight cars had buffers. The part that stood out the most was the dock workers wore shorts and regular shirts. They had a typical young man attitude and the whole vibe of the video just stood out. At one point towards the end there was some kind of accident, but the details escape my memory. It was roughly 10-20 minutes long and may have been 2 parts originally (I originally saw this at least 13 years ago, back when time limits were limited for YouTube).

Any help with finding this video would be greatly appreciated!

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Date: 09/06/23 13:40
Re: Looking for dockyard documentary (NZ?)
Author: Utahfannz

Not New Zealand, we did not have buffers. Australia possible.

Date: 09/06/23 21:05
Re: Looking for dockyard documentary (NZ?)
Author: LeoBird

I think this is what you are looking for.


Sydney, early 1970s.


Date: 09/07/23 06:00
Re: Looking for dockyard documentary (NZ?)
Author: Jettrainfan


Yep, that's the one! Thanks for finding it.

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