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Date: 04/03/24 16:46
Andes Narrow Gauge
Author: 99stang

While on a great vacation to Argentina/Chile last month, one of the side trips was to travel Argentina's  Route 7 out from Mendoza to the Aconcagua Mountain overlook in the Andes.  At 22,838 ft., it is the highest mountain in the Americas, and highest outside Asia. 
Paralleling the road on either side of the Mendoza River canyon is a narrow gauge railway(Transandine) that went out of service in 1984. A lot of the right-of-way remains; and there are several structures and significant bridges along the route just "locked in time".
I was able to have our guide pull over at the town of Polvaredas, where a station, 1 boxcar, and a couple of snowplows sit. The right of way has some significant grades, tunnels, and clings to the canyon walls in many spots. Here are a few pix at Polvaredas.

Date: 04/04/24 09:19
Re: Andes Narrow Gauge
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE series!


Date: 04/04/24 09:53
Re: Andes Narrow Gauge
Author: exhaustED

Amazing scenery!

Date: 04/05/24 07:59
Re: Andes Narrow Gauge
Author: 55002

Great find - looks a fabulous location.

Date: 04/08/24 07:42
Re: Andes Narrow Gauge
Author: 99stang

More from the trip - snow shed and track work at Puenta Del Inca-- Use to be a Hotel here...
Thanks for looking 

Date: 04/08/24 07:57
Re: Andes Narrow Gauge
Author: 99stang

Snow shed

Date: 04/11/24 09:37
Re: Andes Narrow Gauge
Author: masterphots

Great photos.  Didn't realize how much is left on the other side of the hill.  Here in Chile very little left,  other than a few rack sections around Portillo.  20 miles of the line still in operation from Los Andes to Rio Blanco where a long spur with a switchback services the Andino copper mine.  We keep talking about driving over to Mendoza,  rather than flying as we usually do, but keep putting it off.  Time to get some car insurance and get over there.

Date: 04/15/24 22:59
Re: Andes Narrow Gauge
Author: atsf121

Very cool stuff

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