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Date: 04/19/24 07:42
Angola: Lobitor Connector Railroad
Author: Lackawanna484

The Wall Street Journal has an article on the restoration of the Lobito Railroad in Angola. The mineral and oil rich country lost much of its railroad capacity during its struggle for independence from Portugal, and the following civil war.  The US funded railroad passes through central Angola and into southern Congo, another source of 21st century minerals.

The video shows wrecked and abandoned steam engines, modern Chinese equipment, some well maintained rights of way, and discusses the three way conflict among the US, Russia, and China for access. Angola has skillfully played off the various competitors, seeking funding from each, but not advisors and "military security" which has been a problem elsewhere in Africa.  Angola, the article, says is very concerned about being in deep debt to China, given what has happened in other situations, like Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The US has invested about $55 billion in Angola since 2021, much of it to improve oil export capability, and this railroad project.


Date: 04/19/24 08:40
Re: Angola: Lobitor Connector Railroad
Author: GN1969

Having worked as a consultant in Angola for the past two years I can attest to the great potential of this railway. The infrastructure rebuild was very good and Lobito is the best natural harbor in Africa. The key is keeping it maintained and running which in Africa is a major challenge. I'm rooting for it to be a success going forward. 

Date: 04/19/24 15:20
Re: Angola: Lobitor Connector Railroad
Author: gobbl3gook

Date: 04/21/24 10:42
Re: Angola: Lobitor Connector Railroad
Author: usmc1401

Looks to be still Cape Gauge 3'6".

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