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Date: 01/18/10 22:36
Uniden Trunk Tracker - 3
Author: RVFoamer

The question was asked, Uniden Truck Tracker - 3 Model. Won't truynk---darn.

aka rvfoamer or bigbirdcapt@aol.com

Date: 01/19/10 08:48
Re: Uniden Trunk Tracker - 3
Author: Wizard

Perhaps a phone call to Uniden is the next move for you.............

Date: 01/19/10 08:58
Re: Uniden Trunk Tracker - 3
Author: WOHRails

If you won't answer the question about which model, no one can help you. Trunk Tracker III is a technology, not a model. Just because it says TrunkTracker III on the front, that dosen't make it the model of the scanner. Many Uniden models use this technology. 246T, 346XT, etc. They search/scan differently, have different buttons or knobs, all based on which model. Can't tell you what to do without even knowing which one it is.

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Date: 01/20/10 19:02
Re: Uniden Trunk Tracker - 3
Author: RVFoamer

246-T I didn't seee yor question.


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