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Date: 02/20/17 12:44
Baofeng radio question
Author: CPRR

Have a UV 5RTP. Can it be used for railroad frequencies? I have tried everything to enter a channel but no dice. Tried reset all. The instructions are so confusing.


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Date: 02/20/17 13:01
Re: Baofeng radio question
Author: TCnR

Googled the model type and found a page on Amazon stating:

"NOTE: The frequncy of the UV-5RTP radio has been set as 140-150/430-440MHz when it manufactured. In order to use the 136-174/400-520MHz, you need to do the factory reset. Press the Menu button, type '40', and then the radio will be reset. Then, please use the the Baofeng official software (Not CHIRP) for programming. It has the page under "other" simply checking the box that says "allow more than 480mhz transmit", and changing the frequency range from 400-520mhz, then click write to radio. "

The last sentence wouldn't apply but there seems to be something about 'official software' that could be an issue.

Date: 02/20/17 13:03
Re: Baofeng radio question
Author: CPRR

Thanks a lot!

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Date: 02/22/17 19:05
Re: Baofeng radio question
Author: K3HX

One of the members of our radio club offers this advice regarding Bao-Fung radios:If you want to avoid the Prolific/FTDI nonsense, it turns out you can
get USB to TTL little circuit boards complete with USB "A" connector,
suitable for heat shrinking a cover over, for as little as a couple
bucks on ebay. They use the 2102 USB to TTL chip and drivers are
available. It has 5 pins on the board. You strap TXdata to RXdata, hook
it to the center conductor of shielded cable, hook shield to GND pin,
solder 1/8" male to other end and awaaaaaay you go.

Be Well,

Tim Colbert K3HX

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