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Date: 03/27/17 12:37
Geocaching Geoart steam engine
Author: seod

This is for the Geocaching Railfans out there it is south west of Mountain Home,ID. It is about 7 miles high and 9 miles wide with 1000 geocaches used to make it. The green ones are Traditional geocahes the yellow ones are multi caches and the blue ones are letter boxes. The league of Idaho geocachers put it out. It is all on BLM land and most are easy but some are not.One of these days I would like to get out there and get a couple of them but I don't want to spend the time it would need to get them all.

​Scott O'Dell (seod42 geocaching name)

Date: 03/28/17 17:18
Re: Geocaching Geoart steam engine
Author: WOPRJim

Awesome, but yes that would be a LOT of work to grab that many. Imagine how much work went into placing them...
I too am a geocacher ("MusketMann"). Its a fun way to pass the time while wanting for the next train to come along, helps break up the trip when traveling across the country, and can take you to some interesting places "off the beaten track". There are several in Cajon Pass. There are also several out there on or around displayed steam engines and cabooses, for example. 

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Date: 03/29/17 08:26
Re: Geocaching Geoart steam engine
Author: seod

There are a lot of Railroad themed caches out there. I have gotten quite a few. I also do railroad themed travel bugs. I buy caboose's at swap meets for .50¢ attach a travel tag and send it off. It seems like most stuffed and mounted rr equipment in parks has a geocache on it or near it. I have only been geocaching since 2013 but railfanning since 1979 (I didn't really start taking pictures until 1983 though). I will say the smart phone has added a new dimension to geocaching it makes it so much easier to find caches you really don't have to plan ahead to the nth degree like we used to.

​Scott O'Dell

Date: 03/29/17 21:16
Re: Geocaching Geoart steam engine
Author: Lurch_in_ABQ

I reckon it's been judged PC-acceptable littering of the pristine outdoors because the "cachers" claim to pick up trash.

Date: 03/30/17 08:42
Re: Geocaching Geoart steam engine
Author: seod

Cachers do pick up trash I CITO (Cache in Trash Out) all the time when I am out. Just like taking train pictures "take only pictures leave only footprints". I have even been to a couple of CITO events where cachers meet and clean up a park.

Scott O'Dell

Date: 04/03/17 06:29
Re: Geocaching Geoart steam engine
Author: Frisco1522

I'm a dinosaur and didn't want to be the first one to ask, but what is geocaching?

Date: 04/03/17 18:35
Re: Geocaching Geoart steam engine
Author: seod

It is pretty much adult hide and seek. People hide things around and put the coordinates on https://www.geocaching.com/play​ then people go out and find it. There are over 1,000,000 geocaches in the US and over 3,000,000 worldwide. It started out as a hiker thing for other hiker's to find when they go out. Some are easy to find and some are very hard involving many miles of hiking. There are a few  Railroad related caches so it kills 2 birds with one stone for me. They say there is about 830,000 active geocachers in the US and 3,000,000  worldwide so they probably out number railfans. A geocache can be anything from a small tube the size of the tip of your little finger (nano) to a ammo can for a rocket (large). It is a fairly new hobby it started May 30,2000 when the Military removed the bit about private GPS's not being as accurate as the Military ones so you get close enough to actually find something. Before that the existing GPS satelite signal would only let personal GPS's get to about 400' accuracy now it is much better.

​I think it is a lot of fun I like to be outside so it works with that and I like trains so I can do that to. I just went out today and got 4 around the high steel bridge in Mason County outside of Shelton,WA. The high steel bridge is the old Simpson Logging RR bridge that the Forest Service made into a road bridge and they use the old right of way as a forest service road.

Scott O'Dell

Date: 04/30/17 20:27
Re: Geocaching Geoart steam engine
Author: bigjim4life

I've actually started Geocaching myself here on the east coast - under the same username as my TO screenname. Will be geocaching my way down I-95 in a few days as I head towards Lynchburg/Petersburg for the upcoming 611 weekend. :)

Jim Lipnitz
Morrisville, PA
Big Jim Video Productions

Date: 05/03/17 17:07
Re: Geocaching Geoart steam engine
Author: hotrail

Wow, the boys up in Idaho have a lot of time on their hands.

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