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Date: 04/11/17 10:37
Uniden BC 760 XLT speaker
Author: Valleyman

looking for an external speaker for my Bearcat BC 760 XLT scanner. Hopefully one with a long wire to place the speaker outside my vehicle. My main issue is getting the right pin connector for it.

Thanks in advance.


Date: 04/11/17 11:13
Re: Uniden BC 760 XLT speaker
Author: CPAlburtis

Should just require a standard 3.5mm plug. Try searching "Uniden Speaker". They make several models; BC15, BC20, BC23A. I think they all have a 10' cord.
All easily available online as well as at auto part shops and probably even Walmart or any other big box retailer that sells car audio.

Date: 04/11/17 11:53
Re: Uniden BC 760 XLT speaker
Author: TCnR

A number of years ago my local Scanner Shop (yes, that long ago ) had a Bearcat speaker made specifically for their line. It tended to cover up that irratating background noise and made the audio more clear. Suspect they simple had a speaker with a little lower impedance and maybe a high end filter to reduce audio noise. Anyways, maybe they can be found at a hobby flea market of some sort, they really do make a difference.

+ It was a Motorola brand in a plastic case, looks like a Hobbyist market not a heavy duty Industrial type. Found it right where I left it.

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Date: 04/11/17 11:55
Re: Uniden BC 760 XLT speaker
Author: WW

Shop for a PA horn speaker with a 3.5 mm plug.  The limit to its volume and performance will be the output wattage of the radio audio at the speaker jack.  Make sure that the plug is not a 3.5 mm stereo jack--scanners and two way radios generally use a monaural jack.  On some two-way radios, a stereo jack will actually key up the radio on transmit.  Horn speakers are not great for audio quality for music, etc., but are generally fine for voice communications.  Also, many horn speakers (check the spec) are approved for outdoor use and may be rated as waterproof, another plus.

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Date: 04/12/17 09:21
Re: Uniden BC 760 XLT speaker
Author: Valleyman

Thanks for everyone's help. I ordered a BC20 through eBay.


Date: 04/15/17 22:48
Re: Uniden BC 760 XLT speaker
Author: Rick2582

Cool, I like the PA horn speaker idea by WW.  Haven't seen those since my firefighting days.

I use ICOM SP-5 mobile speakers indoors and in the car, plenty of volume, convenient size (similar to old Motorola commercial cab speaker) and easy to find used.

Hope the BC20 works out well.

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