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Date: 07/19/18 16:56
Drone photo and video help
Author: mully

Questions for those of you who have experience with drones.  
1.....Some of my photos are solid grey from 3/4 down from the top but to look at thumbnails they look fine, others are fine and all are on same card.

2....Some videos open and play fine others say Quicktime does not recognize

3.....I tried moving them all from my card to my main screen and it says an error occurred?

4.....How can you do sound when recording, my inspire 1 does not have a mic?

Thanks for any help


Date: 07/19/18 19:50
Re: Drone photo and video help
Author: norm1153

To your sound question:  Some drone operators use a self contained audio recording device, like the Zoom series.  They are handheld, self contained with mics (stereo), SD card and battery.  They might place them near the intended track, in some cases.  As you probably know, sound recorded by a drone is useless anyway.  You can specify what kind audio you want recorded, with those Zooms. 5:1, wide angle, shotgun...  The mics themselves also rotate.
As for the bad photos in your first question, what kind of card were these recorded on?  Certainly look into using a very fast card.  The drone instructions usually specify minimum requirements.  Other than that, I can't help more.  I have seen those 2/3 grey photos elsewhere on the web, but no explanation. 


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Date: 07/21/18 06:59
Re: Drone photo and video help
Author: 55002

As a drone operator, I'm totally baffled by the photographic issues. I would suggest going to a forum specific to the drone you use. I have solved many operational problems by asking google and then finding a user specific forum. Chris uk.

Date: 07/26/18 15:02
Re: Drone photo and video help
Author: HH

Just wondering...
What was your ISO + shutter speed setting on the videos/photos?


Date: 07/26/18 19:26
Re: Drone photo and video help
Author: clem

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a good thumbnail does not mean that the full quality image is lurking somewhere. The thumbnail could be good becase it is a separate image at the beginning of the file, and not something which the computer constructs by "shrinking" the full image. This is done so that the computer does not have to read the entire file in order to display the thumbnail.

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