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Date: 09/02/18 11:44
sound file of NICTD horn?
Author: colehour

I'm looking for a sound file for the horn used by current NICTD equipment. Well, actually there may be more than one in use, but I was thinking of the single-level cars. I know there are sites with such files, but I don't know the brand and model of the horns.


Date: 09/04/18 09:45
Re: sound file of NICTD horn?
Author: 251F

Unless NICTD has changed in the past couple years, the Nippon Sharyo single and bi-level cars were delivered with Nathan new cast P3 horns, all horn bells facing forward.



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Date: 09/04/18 09:58
Re: sound file of NICTD horn?
Author: colehour

Thanks for the information and the photo!

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