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Date: 09/06/18 08:10
Attn: Dronefoamers!
Author: HH

Have any of you dronefoamers out there taken the plunge and acquired the new "Mavic Pro 2" introduced a couple weeks ago, either with the Hasselblad camera or the Zoom model?
I'm real curious about how well these function, specifically for shooting trains.


Date: 09/07/18 20:34
Re: Attn: Dronefoamers!
Author: schaffner


Yes, I got a Mavic 2 Pro.  The camera looks pretty good and is an improvement over the Mavic Pro camera.  It has a lot less lens flare and more dynamic range.  Here's a sample from it.  It shows a Capitol Corridor train passing through Niles, CA.  Of course, this is not full resolution and I had to compress the JPEG to get it under 500KB to upload on here.

Jim Maurer

Date: 09/08/18 05:16
Re: Attn: Dronefoamers!
Author: march_hare

Tough call for me whether to go for the super high resolution or the 2:1 zoom ratio on the other model. My biggest problem with buying a drone so far has been the lack of zoom on the smaller models.

The reviews say that some previous features like return home are downgraded or absent on the new models. Hard to figure out the logic of that. 

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