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Date: 10/24/18 09:20
Author: E25

Is 'trainpix.com" OOS?   Hopefully not, but I haven't been able to access it for a couple of days.  One of my favorite BN references.

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

Date: 10/24/18 13:24
Re: trainpix.com
Author: trainjunkie

Date: 10/25/18 12:40
Re: trainpix.com
Author: anthracite

I tried trainpix.com just now; no luck: "Server not found".
Hopefully it's only temporary.

Have you tried accessing a cached/preserved (prior) state of the website? The so-called "Internet Wayback Machine" is often excellent for this.

NOTE: a cached version does not always exist - some websites are not viewable this way. But in general, it's often a great way to find web content that very well might be otherwise totally unavailable at the present time. Many websites that have not been "live" in years are viewable - at least in part! - via this amazing method.

Here's how to do it:

1) Go to archive.org

2) Just under the text-box that appears near the top of the homepage, click the option labeled "Search archived web sites".

3) In that text-box, type the URL for the website you're interested in.

4) Click the button next to the text-box.

5) This displays an assortment of different "snapshots" of what the state of that website was like on different specific dates in the past. I just tried it, and archive.org has 104 different cached copies saved within the time period of November 11, 1998 to April 10, 2018!

6) Choose one of the provided dates as close in the past (or as far from) as you prefer to the present day, and click on it.

7) A cached copy of the website in question should appear in your web browser; navigate through it just as you would the actual (live) website itself.

I tried the most-recent cache of trainpix.com. The BN rosters themselves seem fully accessible, but none of the *photographs* are. This is commonly because in terms of memory storage, image files are vastly larger than text files; I doubt that the archive cached any of the photos. All of the 7 or 8 random imagelinks I clicked on did not display the .jpg that was supposed to be there.

But all is not lost!
The very bottom of the BN Rosters page has the email address of the site's creator. Send him a note to ask what the trouble is with his website, and please let us know what his response is. :)

Date: 10/26/18 16:09
Re: trainpix.com
Author: E25

Thanks for the reference to the  "Internet Wayback Machine," anthracite.
I was able to locate the BN roster and copy the information that I needed.
I also sent an email to the Webhost inquiring about the status and will report any response that I receive.

Best regards,

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

Date: 10/29/18 14:27
Re: trainpix.com
Author: E25

Good news!  http://www.trainpix.com/bn/ROSTER.HTM is up and running again!

Charlie wrote to say that his server experienced an extended power outage while he was gone that outlasted his backup power supply.

(I edited the URL above to conform with Sam's advice in his reply below.  Thanks! )

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

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Date: 10/29/18 16:29
Re: trainpix.com
Author: SalamanderSam

E25 Wrote:
> Good news! 
> http://archive.trainpix.com/bn/ROSTER.HTM is up
> and running again!

This is the URL for the archived site, but the direct URL, www.trainpix.com is online and functioning.

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