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Date: 12/03/18 15:55
Issue with Epson Scanners
Author: YukonYeti

About the time of the Windows 10 release, my Epson scanner has gotten quite cranky.  When scanning slides, no other program can be used such as Photoshop, Exel or even Outlook.  At first, I thought it was just my machine but others in the neighborhood have experienced the same problem.  I have downloaded the latest software from Epson, yet the problem persists.  Any ideas?

Yukon Yeti....

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Date: 12/03/18 16:33
Re: Issue with Epson Scanners
Author: Frisco1522

Download the latest drivers from Epson's web site.  That should cure it.

Date: 12/03/18 18:21
Re: Issue with Epson Scanners
Author: TCnR

Did a quick search and it seems there's a lot of people having trouble with Epson and W10, they generally talk about updating drivers from Epson. There had been lots of talk about using VueScan as the scanner controlling software, I'm not sure where that is right now though.

Maybe I should be looking at that since I'm not too happy with my recent scans, I'm using W7 though.

Date: 12/04/18 09:17
Re: Issue with Epson Scanners
Author: Frisco1522

I've always just used Epson's scanning software with my V700 and can't complain about it.   I'm too old to try and learn new software, such as Vuescan, and will probably continue with Epson and Photoshop.

Date: 12/04/18 10:36
Re: Issue with Epson Scanners
Author: trainjunkie

I'm on a Mac and have had issues with scanning from within PS lately on my V700 using the Epson acquire module. To solve the issue I downloaded the latest Epson Scan software and now just scan and save the files using Epson Scan then open them in PS later. Works fine.

Date: 12/08/18 16:31
Re: Issue with Epson Scanners
Author: wjpyper

I use Vuescan.
Bill Pyper
Salem, OR

Date: 12/09/18 13:53
Re: Issue with Epson Scanners
Author: grahamline

You will adapt to Vuescan easily. It's not in the same league of complexity/frustration as Lightroom and Photoshop.

Date: 12/10/18 00:57
Re: Issue with Epson Scanners
Author: trainjunkie

I use VueScan Pro a lot to drive my Minolta DiMage 5400 II slide scanner and it's great. But I was never able to get very good results using it to drive the Epson V700. Not compared to the Epson Scan software anyway. VueScan can certainly solve a lot of problems, and for some scanners it's the only game in town. But I would compare results between both software packages before committing to one. In my case, Epson software was the clear winner with the Epson scanner.

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