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Date: 02/26/19 13:16
TO's Screen Backing--Shortcut??
Author: rrman6

Not sure this is the correct area for this question but here goes.  To view the TO's Discussion postings I use an Apple MacBook Pro laptop.
My question:  Is there a shortcut method using the keyboard vs. the keypad and cursor to click the (<) Back symbol in the upper lefthand portion of the page?  It seems my cursor is often near the diagonal of the page (lower righthand) and it seems slow dragging the cursor to the upper lefthand corner everytime to get back to the list of postings.  
I'm no computer guru as you can see, but seems there should be a faster means of backing one or more pages to the primary Discussion page where all the postings are for a specific Discussion.

Any help is appreciated and here's an advance "Thanks"!

Date: 02/26/19 14:58
Re: TO's Screen Backing--Shortcut??
Author: RyanWilkerson

I'm a Windows guy and use "ALT + left arrow" to go back in my browser.
I just searched and it looks like you can try "Command + Left Arrow"
Let us know if that does what you need.

Ryan Wilkerson
Fair Oaks, CA

Date: 02/26/19 15:19
Re: TO's Screen Backing--Shortcut??
Author: trainjunkie

Which web browser? With Firefox in OSX you can hit the delete key or CMD+[ to go back one page.

http://7is7.com/software/firefox/shortcuts.html (Click on "Mac OS X")

I rarely use Safari or Chrome but you can do a search on "(browser name) OSX keyboard shortcuts" to locate a list.

Date: 02/26/19 21:15
Re: TO's Screen Backing--Shortcut??
Author: Bowknot

"Command + Left Arrow" works on my older MacBook Pro (with Safari).  Another shortcut is to swipe left on the track pad, using two fingers.

Date: 02/26/19 21:57
Re: TO's Screen Backing--Shortcut??
Author: rrman6

Hey to all here...why didn't I think of that!!  
COMMAND + left arrow works like a whiz!  Thanks to all here for the "brains" and happy RR'ing.

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