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Date: 02/27/19 17:10
Folkston scanner app question
Author: maxqent352

I have been spending several weekends the past few months up in Folkston, GA.  I have been using two apps on my phone,  one is called scanner radio pro (uses the broadcastify scanner feeds), the other is called simple radio.  Both have done very well in that I have been able to hear the equipment detectors, as well as the trains well before they get to Folkston.  For the past two weeks or so, I get practically nothing, sometimes you get a train calling a clear into Folkston, but not all, actually very few.. 

I guess my questions are - 1.)  Anyone know where these apps get their feeds from and has anything changed so they no longer work?  2.) Is there a better phone app I can try other than these two that still works.  3.)  I guess if all else fails, it's getting time for me to think about getting a scanner - any recommendations for something not greatly expensive, but would get the frequencies I need?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions - hard to identify train symbols, when you can't hear them coming!!

Date: 03/01/19 10:20
Re: Folkston scanner app question
Author: RFandPFan

The scanner is in a private residence near the turnout.  Lately it seems like it is not working very well.  It used to get better reception, but at the same time there was also a lot of loud intermod.  The scanner on the platform has been out of service for a long time.  There are supposedly efforts to get it working again.

You're better off getting your own scanner that you can rely on.  Don't make the mistake of buying a good scanner, but a cheap antenna.

I hope this helps,

Date: 03/01/19 10:42
Re: Folkston scanner app question
Author: maxqent352

Thank you very much for the detailed reply! I did notice the scanner at the museum was working a little better.

Any recomendations on scanner and antenna would be appreciated. I'm pretty tech savvy about computer stuff, but know little about a decent scanner. Dont want to break the bank, but any suggestions would be great!! I'll be back in Folkston next weekend.


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Date: 03/01/19 10:43
Re: Folkston scanner app question
Author: NKP715

Search this board.  Topic has been covered many times.

Date: 03/01/19 10:45
Re: Folkston scanner app question
Author: maxqent352

Thanks. You are right I shouldnt be so lazy!!!

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