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Date: 04/01/19 18:08
quick test
Author: refarkas

I posted this on the Nostalgia forum. Here I was testing out using a very high resolution photo and letting Trainorders's software downsize the resolution for Trainorders.

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Date: 04/01/19 18:37
Re: quick test
Author: King_Coal

100% on this test.

Date: 04/03/19 12:28
Re: quick test
Author: NKP715

Bob - what was the high res value ?


Date: 04/03/19 14:31
Re: quick test
Author: mojaveflyer

Looks good to me!

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

Date: 04/03/19 14:39
Re: quick test
Author: refarkas

Sorry. I only have the regular image size. Next time I'll try to keep a record.

Date: 04/12/19 06:57
Re: quick test
Author: SandPatch1

Right on the button,,,, can see all the rust on that great SP hicube.. best car on the rails,  no graffiti,, must be gettin used a lot..what scanner???
thanks dave j

Date: 04/14/19 15:27
Re: quick test
Author: refarkas

I have an Epson V550.

Date: 04/21/19 17:18
Re: quick test
Author: E25

I have been experimenting with that, too.  Likewise, it appears to me that using a denser pixel count gives a better rendering on TO.  The images that I reduce to 1000 ppi look very fuzzy on my own monitor.

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

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