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Date: 04/17/19 11:01
Microsoft Windows 10 changes
Author: K3HX

Date: 04/17/19 17:08
Re: Microsoft Windows 10 changes
Author: ironmtn

Finally!! From what I read, it's not perfect, but it is an improvement. I've lost count of how many times I have been burned by an unfortunately timed Windows update. And this from a guy who when we still had control was totally faithful about quickly installing updates and patches. If Bill Gates gave out gold stars for being good about updates and patches, I would have a bunch of them.

Worst case: boot up a laptop you haven't used in a couple of weeks but are going to use and need to use right now, connect to the internet, and immediately off it goes for an hour or more of jolly, unsolicited updates, totally slamming your system, and for which you have no practical alternative but to wait them out. Been there, done that, several times. Pain, real pain. Many unkind thoughts and words directed toward Redmond, Washington. Required railroad content: several of those boot-ups were in relation to railfan activities.

Now, maybe, some progress. Thanks for the notice, Tim. I had not come across this. A small, welcome springtime gift for humanity from Mt. Olympus.

Muskegon, Michigan

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Date: 04/18/19 06:09
Re: Microsoft Windows 10 changes
Author: robj

My wife has Windows 10 and we found a solution.  I believe we had to change the type of our Internet connection to limited which we actually have with Verizon(no cable etc here, another story).

Anyway it will not update until told to.

Bob Jordan

Date: 04/18/19 17:27
Re: Microsoft Windows 10 changes
Author: chakk

You can also "change active hours" on the Windows Update page to stop updates from being loaded for any time window up to a maximum length of 18 hours.

Date: 04/25/19 06:20
Re: Microsoft Windows 10 changes
Author: SandPatch1

On a different note,,,,, that site found that the windows 10 FREE update was still around just had to follow a path.. Well I did it and got Windows 10 Pro free.so far working good,  might need a new graphic card for the old PC but when support for 7 ends things go  bad in time.. 
dave j

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