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Date: 04/26/19 08:07
Amateur Radio
Author: jlcKS

I am going to get my Ham Licenses soon, Technician and General, and was wondering if there are any Railfan related ham groups?  I searched on the ARRL sight but did not come across anything.

Thank you in advance. 

Date: 04/26/19 09:07
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: K3HX


You will find many ham operators on this forum.


Tim Colbert  K3HX

Date: 04/26/19 10:06
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: sptno

Lot's of hams here on this site.
Congratulations on working on getting your license!
Austin, TX

Date: 04/26/19 22:10
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: wa4umr

I'm another one.

73's  John

Date: 04/27/19 00:22
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: ShoreLineRoute

Welcome!  The better VHF ham handle-talkies (and mobile rigs) make good RR communications receivers too (just make sure that transmit is inhibited on those channels).

Oliver Barrett  KB6BA

Date: 04/27/19 03:13
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: norm1153

And congratulations from WA6ZHE! 

Date: 04/27/19 06:09
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: Frisco1522

I was one since the early 70s, WB0ECM.  I forgot about renewing my license which expired in 2016.  I haven't been active.  I guess I would have to start from ground zero to get my General class back.

Date: 04/28/19 11:00
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: dbrcnw

Don't know your geographic location but I'm certain you'll find folks in many areas with licenses.



Date: 04/29/19 04:23
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: tomcough

Good for you!   
Tom Coughlin
Stow, MA

Date: 04/29/19 07:38
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: mopac1978

K0MAB here.

Mark Bess, Omaha, NE

Date: 04/29/19 12:30
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: mojaveflyer

29 years of being a ham operator. Our Sunday Night Scanner In Denver does cover listening to railroads. I'm one of the net controllers and I specialize in aircraft and railroad monitoring. We meet on the linked repeaters in Boulder (CO) 145.46 MHzand 145.16 MHz in Colorado Springs. We meet on the air Sunday nights at 8 pm local  time. I'm N0LBH...

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

Date: 04/29/19 12:32
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: Rick2582

Great, Go for it !  The knowledge you gain will help you and other railfans get more out of the adventure !
Think there were/are some identified frequencies on 2 meters for railfan talk-around, not sure how active they are.

Rick Somers
Kilo Kilo 6 Echo Lima
Redding CA

Date: 04/29/19 17:32
Re: Amateur Radio
Author: RailFanAZ

Congrats on getting your HAM License!  I have been studing and reading into HAM Tech License for the 6 months and have a few friends that are HAMs as well.  Can't wait to get through the test and then get my license.

RailFanning UP & BNSF, AZ

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