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Date: 05/14/19 01:18
Diamond RH-77CA vs. Comet BNC24
Author: v1perfan

Good morning, all.

Next week I will be in Cajon Pass / Tehachapi spending a few days doing some photography.  I plan on bringing my Bearcat BC125AT scanner with me, and I'm thinking of replacing it with a new antenna (I currently have the stock antenna on it).  The local radio shop has both the Diamond RH-77CA and Comet BNC24 antennas in stock (no Laird, unfortunately).  For my purposes, which is the better antenna?  I've read good things about both, but I'd like the opinions of actual users.  I know there are other antennas out there that are narrow-band that cater to the 160Mhz frequency, but this local  shop only has these two in stock and I probably wouldn't have the opportunity to have one ordered in on time for my trip.


Date: 05/14/19 03:50
Re: Diamond RH-77CA vs. Comet BNC24
Author: wa4umr

If I recall, they are both about 15" long.  They are virtually equal.  You would need a laboratory. Setting and equipment to tell the difference.  They are both tuned for the 2-meter ham band (146MHz) but work well at 161MHz.  See my comment from about a month ago in thos forum, "Yet another antenna question."  


Date: 05/14/19 06:32
Re: Diamond RH-77CA vs. Comet BNC24
Author: seod

They are not equal I know the Comet is about 1/2 to 1 bar better on the signal strength meter on my Vertex VX-150 than the Diamond. I had both but I sold the Diamond as it was  not as good so I did not need it anymore. I like the whip on the Comet better also the Diamond is a big stiff stick and it was a bit harder to deal with for me anyway. I will say the Comet is not as durable I am on my 3rd one now but they are not expensive and easy to replace when broken.The MFJ 1717 is the same as the Comet so that can be checked on for which one is cheaper.

Scott O'Dell

Date: 05/14/19 09:56
Re: Diamond RH-77CA vs. Comet BNC24
Author: v1perfan

Thanks, gentlemen.  I ended up going with the Comet antenna, so we'll see how it fairs out in the mountains.

Thank you!


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