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Date: 07/08/19 16:22
file conversion
Author: MEKoch

I have scanned a booklet on my scanner - printer - copier.  All pics are in landscape.  But they come to my computer in portrait.  

I then turned them back to landscape, but when I post them on TO, they are again in portrait.  

What shall I do?  

Date: 07/08/19 17:13
Re: file conversion
Author: trainjunkie

Need more info. What kind of computer/OS? What kind of image editing software do you have? What kind of scanner and what software is driving it? Most scan software packages provide an option for landscape or portrait orientation in the saved file.

Date: 07/08/19 17:33
Re: file conversion
Author: MEKoch

It is a Canon Pixma scanner.

HP laptop computer with Windows 10.    I am using the editing software provided by Windows.  


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Date: 07/08/19 18:02
Re: file conversion
Author: trainjunkie

Okay, can't help. I don't use Canon scanners or Windows. But with that info, I'm sure someone will chime in with a relevant suggestion.

Date: 07/11/19 05:42
Re: file conversion
Author: sys3175

Difficult to say what's going on there.
But keep in mind that there are actually two ways of turning images:
1. by actually rearranging all the pixels to match the new orientation, so the image is really rotated. Drawback: the image has to be decompressed and recompressed, which will incur a quality loss in case of JPEG images.
2. by just adding an orientation tag, like 'rotate 90°', but keeping the pixels in their original order. This is lossless, but the tag unfortunately is sometimes ignored by picture display software or lost in transfers - which might be causing your woes.

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