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Date: 08/04/19 06:30
Live Streaming - Maybe?
Author: norm1153

Greetings.  I'm looking into Live Streaming as a new area, or part time fun occupation.  Living in the South Bay Area, I'm attempting to make a list of possible subjects.  Of course, Caltrain would be interesting if presented on weekdays, with segments streaming during busy sessions (such as Santa Clara 4-5:45 pm, roughly.  This would include Caltrain, ACE, and Amtrak within that timeframe.  Live streaming is a portable application; it can go to where the action is, other sites can be considered if they provide some kind of interesting rail action.  This is not a webcam, running 24-7. 
Anyway at this point, just sort of "dipping my toe" into the technology.  Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Date: 08/04/19 18:01
Re: Live Streaming - Maybe?
Author: LiveWire2

norm1153 Wrote:
> Greetings.  I'm looking into Live Streaming as a
> new area, or part time fun occupation. 

How do you propose to monetize this?

Date: 08/04/19 19:34
Re: Live Streaming - Maybe?
Author: norm1153

Too soon to really get a grip on money-investment.  However, I already have an Adobe subscription, so I expect to download Adobe Rush for no extra cash.  I have a still camera, Sony 4K camcorder, and two Sony HD fixed lens camcorders, plus the inevitable cellphone.  Using Caltrain as the first possibility, I'll use a split screen scenario, where the schedules can show continuously while trains go by.  Only a handfull of hours a weekday.
I will subscribe to AdSense. Apparently there are other possibilities mentioned in what little reading I have done so far, but for the beginning, Adsense will probably do.  I am not very confident of making any profit for a long time, if at all, even.  I haven't yet even created a channel, but should soon. The basic theme will be rail and traction.  That won't draw housekeepers, airplane enthusiasts, as examples, so, once again, Not totally sure of what profitable income will be.  To add content, I have about 30-40 video clips of Muni streetcars recorded between 1980-1986,  They might be usable as fill material. 
This will be a labor of love kind of thing, and something to fill a few hours, as I am retired and live alone.  We'll see where it goes over time. 

Date: 08/07/19 21:08
Re: Live Streaming - Maybe?
Author: walstib

I have some friends, all pretty much younger, who frequently do Facebook live videos when they’re trackside.

I used to think it was kind of hokey, but I have come to enjoy them. The other day one pal caught the Starlight in San Jose with 130 leading, and I watched. It was really cool. I saw the train a day before in Seattle.

There’s another guy in LA who does it all the time. It’s kind of fun.

When you do it on Facebook, friends get a notification when you’re live, so people know when to tune in.

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