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Date: 11/20/19 12:44
Nikon D50
Author: WichitaJct

My Nikon D50 is probably a few thousand photos and about 10 years old. It seems to be having auto-focus problems. Sometimes images that shouldn't be blurry are. Sometimes I miss out on action shots beacuse the auto-focus takes too long to set itself. One option would be to not use the auto-focus. But still, I'm wondering if maybe there is an easy fix. Thanks for your help. 

Date: 11/20/19 13:52
Re: Nikon D50
Author: TCnR

There's some info in this YT example, the guy has a bunch of other AF fixes, cleaning etc in his website. Generally an interesting source of Nikon info:

Solving AF Problems - 8 Common Autofocus Problems - And Their Solutions


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Date: 11/20/19 23:06
Re: Nikon D50
Author: robj

Certainly check website noted.  There are several menu setting which can affect auto focus so might be good to check which one is set and has not changed inadvertantly.  You don't mention if problem is with one lens.  D-50 has auto focus motor and after this time that could be going.

At any rate you should not have to set to manual.  Focus on a point and half press shutter will lock that point, works well for fast moving or hard to focus subjects.


Date: 11/21/19 14:15
Re: Nikon D50
Author: overniteman

Camera's old enough to replace, but try a "two button reset". Pretty self explanatory, by doing this, the camera goes back to factory default settings.

Good luck.

Date: 11/21/19 23:32
Re: Nikon D50
Author: Plainsman

Digital cameras are essentially computers, and I've never had a computer remain effective for 10 years, nor be worth fixing when they started to pack it in. More modern cameras will pay big dividends in picture quality, although they may also make lesser quality lens more obvious.

Date: 12/09/19 23:36
Re: Nikon D50
Author: grahamline

You don't mention whether you have isolated the autofocus issue to the body.  Could there be problems with the lens or lenses?

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