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Date: 12/27/19 06:18
Bridge or Lightroom?
Author: JUTower

For organizing my photos, I've been an Adobe Bridge user for over a decade; primarily to add metadata and batch process my photos.  I then took my "favorites" and imported those into my iPhoto Library on my Mac.  That is in turn synchronized across multiple Macs that I use regularly.

Recent updates to iPhoto (now simply called "Photos") result in the metadata largely being ignored, and making it harder to locate photos.  I'm therefore considering moving to Lightroom.  I use a Drobo 5N to store the master copy of the my photos and then use ElephantDrive to back that up to the cloud.

I'm looking for input from Lightroom users who also used Bridge... any pros or cons I should be aware of?  My Adobe licensing includes two different versions of Lightroom ("Classic" or standard) - I'm not sure which of those I would use, either.

Thanks in advance,

Date: 12/27/19 07:04
Re: Bridge or Lightroom?
Author: bobwilcox

I've used Lightroom for many years and plan to continue.  It excels at processing batches of images.  I store my images on an external hard drive and backup on another external drive plus Amazon.  If you have a Prime membership Amazon storage is free without a storage cap.

Bob Wilcox
Charlottesville, VA
My Flickr Shots

Date: 12/29/19 10:57
Re: Bridge or Lightroom?
Author: skyview

Lightroom without question.

Date: 12/31/19 16:04
Re: Bridge or Lightroom?
Author: BoilingMan

I use Lightroom almost exclusively. 
I have Photoshop Elements, but rarely use it, and DxO for "straightening" fisheye & wideandle shots as needed-   However, I could easily live on Lightroom alone!

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