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Date: 03/20/20 12:08
Help with film to DVD transfer.
Author: SandPatch1

Being locked up I am going thru some old 8mm and super 8 mm movies.  So I decided to look into shipping them off to be transfered.  First the cost was not bad as one place charges by Reel not by footage and was called Kodak.. So far OK, but the name was used under license and the reviews were BAD, like "sent stuff, they shipped stuf they say. but stuff never arrived"  &  Got stuff back  1/2 mine and 1/2 somebody else's.. did not include my 8mm movies".  
So looked at the Wolverine transfer projector, looks good, price is about same for sending it out.
has anybody a recommended transfer service they trust not to lose my stuff and do a good DIGITAL (not off bedsheet) transfer. 
anybody have any review of the wolverine projector. 
dave jakubiec
thank you, 

Date: 03/20/20 15:04
Re: Help with film to DVD transfer.
Author: Lurch_in_ABQ

Date: 03/26/20 21:05
Re: Help with film to DVD transfer.
Author: lapklub

Most if not all Sam's Club have closed up the Photo departments.  I had head Costco did also. Heard they weren't making enough on it now.  I guess with everyone having everything on their phone now, no one does pictures anymore.
My Sams in Asheville NC closed their's last fall.  I used to get my Christmas cards (train photo of course) done there, but had to find another place.  UPS store did my cards and they were just ok.  I liked doing my own setup over trying to tell the clown behind the counter what I want,
and he's not the one that's goig to do it anyway.  I'm a little old fashion in some things.
Sams supposidly does them online somehow and you can pick them up next week.  I like coming back in an hour to get them, usually by thr time I'm done shopping.
Oh well-progress- haha.

Date: 03/30/20 11:51
Re: Help with film to DVD transfer.
Author: RailRat

Legacy video conversion, heard nuthin but good about them, including actually Cleaning your film B4 they convert it, a very important step, some of those services don't do.
They also do digital conversion if slides, VHS, ect...
Here's the link, or just Google "Legacy video (or) film conversion"


Also "The Digital FAQ" site, but I think they deal more with VHS conversions, could be wrong about that though. (They really helped me with VHS to Digital transfer)

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

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Date: 03/30/20 20:29
Re: Help with film to DVD transfer.
Author: SandPatch1

Thanks to all
found a digital converter projector ona local for sale listing, will let y all know how it goes, 

Date: 04/03/20 15:26
Re: Help with film to DVD transfer.
Author: jdavida10

do a search on Google, or ebay, for a VHS player/DVD recorder, or similar.  Don't think they are making any new, but might be wrong.  I have an old one, and a few months ago I bought a rebuilt VHS/DVD recorder.  I plan on doing my own copy's, "someday".  another way would be to buy a video to computer cable, usually s-video to USB, but you can find other adapters, and use it with your computer, assuming you have a DVD burner in it, which almost all do, now.  Many even have a Blu-ray burner.  I have the equipment to do this, too, but if you have the older, VHS/DVD combination, they are usually one button, press "go", and the transfer is made.  They aren't instantaneous, since the VHS tape has to play, but it does work.

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