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Date: 05/13/20 12:54
Motorola Radio Repair
Author: KM-ML4000

Does anyone out there do Motorola radio work? I have a CDM1550, which I believe has either a blown inline fuse (internal) or reverse polarity diode failed. 


Date: 05/16/20 07:40
Re: Motorola Radio Repair
Author: ronross

Try Discount Two Way Radio.  I sent a Motorola HT to them for repair and it was done quickly.  The have a flat rate repair cost for most radios.  https://www.discounttwo-wayradio.com/repair/motorola-two-way-radio-repair?gclid=Cj0KCQjwnv71BRCOARIsAIkxW9HfDvCMc8QX-_UBDodOP9BNXdGMeru1DPA7njUL1UCqcHRCVjd3Qt8aAscOEALw_wcB

Date: 05/16/20 19:37
Re: Motorola Radio Repair
Author: KM-ML4000

Thanks. I also found RadioTech, which has similar services, and sent my radio out on Friday.

Date: 05/25/20 08:26
Re: Motorola Radio Repair
Author: WW

There is something to think about with a lot of the older commercial radios.  Many of them are programmed with old DOS-based software that will NOT run on Windows 10 computers or communicate with the radio.  Most newer computers don't even have a serial port that many older programming cables need, and Serial to USB adapters are often notoriously poor at working with Windows 10.  I know radio techs who keep ancient 386 or 486 computers around just to program older radios with DOS software.  Programming issues are one reason that a lot of perfectly good older commerical radios are so cheap on the used market.  They perform great, but can be nearly impossible to reprogram.  

On a related note, if you want to program any commercial radio with a Windows 10 computer, DO NOT buy any programming cable that is not an FTDI chip cable.  A lot of the cheap Chinese cables (those dang Chinese again) again use "knock-off" Proliic chips that will not work with Windows 10.

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