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Date: 06/28/20 22:27
Asking for UP frequencies
Author: Jeff

I need to reprogram my scanner and I am away from my reference materials. Can someone provide the frequencies, not channel numbers, for the UP Cascade Sub between Eugene Oregon and Klamath Falls Oregon? Thanks in advance, Jeff

Date: 06/28/20 22:52
Re: Asking for UP frequencies
Author: TCnR

Altamont Press NWT Region #8 says Eugene to Oakridge: 161.550, 96/96;

Oakridge to Crescent Lake 160.785, 45/45;

Crescent Lake to KF: 161.55, 96/96

KF to Dunsmuir: 160.785, 45/45;

I thought it was 160.785 all the way Dunsmuir to Eugene, but wrote them all down, with both sets of numbers,  just in case. You'll probably recognize them once you see them.

Date: 06/28/20 22:59
Re: Asking for UP frequencies
Author: TCnR

Looks like I'm overdue for a road trip, here's what Radio Reference says:

Cascade Subdivisionhttps://s.radioreference.com/i/icons/NextLevel.gif
MP 428 (Klamath Falls) to MP 580 (South Oakridge) Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 160.56000  BMCSQ UP30 Cascade
Oakridge to Calimus FMN Railroad 160.78500  BMCSQ UP45 Cascade
Calimus to Klamath Falls FMN Railroad 160.47000  RMCSQ UP24 KF Yard
Klamath Falls Yard FMN Railroad 160.32000  BMCSQ UP14 YardsKlamath Falls Area Yards FMN Railroad 


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Date: 06/29/20 11:13
Re: Asking for UP frequencies
Author: Jeff

Thanks for the help.  I will keep a paper record.  Grandchildren found this box with lots of buttons...  Jeff

Date: 06/29/20 12:51
Re: Asking for UP frequencies
Author: TCnR

It sounded like you were on Amtrak and didn't have your files. If you get a chance let us know what the frequencies really are. I had travelled that area quite a bit but haven't been there in the past year or two.

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