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Date: 08/04/20 11:21
Radio Receiver--- software defined
Author: rhotond

If anybody is looking to find the ultimate software defined receiver   9khz to 4.4 GHZ  look no further than  www.Signalhound.com.  They make a line of spectrum analyzers/receivers that have outstanding performance.   They use the I?Q system of decoding with dual 24bit A to D converters for grreat sensitivity and wide dynamic range.   The sensitivity is down to about 0.1 uv  (ie -154 dbm --- much better that scanners and amatuer radios)    and the bandwidth is whatever you chose.  via the software (also included) in your computer or laptop.  The unit is powered by the USB port .      The output is within your laptop and you can listenover t he speaker etc.  Model is SA44B  but the price is quite high at about 1000.  You can also get a tracking generator that works with it for a reasonable price.      Additional softwarer is available from 'radio inspector" which can decode all sorts of modulation other than the standards  ie am wfm, nfm  etc.

This could be a great and stable receiver for monitoring ATCS.   Very stable



Date: 08/04/20 13:00
Re: Radio Receiver--- software defined
Author: RailFanAZ

We do fine with NooElec SDRs for $30 each for ATCS Monitoring. Being that it is a hobby, we don't see a need to spend $1000 dollars for monitoring the Frequencies. Our new site with the Right PC, Antenna and 2 SDRs from NooElec was around $500.

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Christi Rossi - RailFanning BNSF & UP

Date: 10/20/20 09:26
Re: Radio Receiver--- software defined
Author: MattW

For something a tad more capable than the Nooelec, there's the Airspy Mini which is ~$100. Higher resolution and built-in LNA, and still not nearly as expensive as that $1000 unit.

Date: 10/28/20 12:34
Re: Radio Receiver--- software defined
Author: TCnR

Good info, interesting to see these. We had a project at work trying to put together some monitoring or test gear, nice funding, good intentions. The Physics degree in charge had a number of Companies on the line, lots of stuff on order but nothing was delivered, none of the software worked Everybody has since moved on, Companies merged, folded. Kinda works that way sometimes.

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