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Date: 08/22/20 07:14
Programing software and cables for Icom 2300 H Radio
Author: austin

Recently purchased a Icom 2300 H and also have a V8000 and a V8 handheld radio. Just curious whats the best user friendly and cost effective cable and software set up out there to program the 2300 H. Tried to clone the channels from my V8000 and did not have any luck.
TIA, Jeff

Date: 08/23/20 07:10
Re: Programing software and cables for Icom 2300 H Radio
Author: WW

Both cable and software are available from numerous online sources, but aren't cheap.  Typically, most Icom mobile radios use the same programming cable, so the one for your 8000 might work.  A big caveat there--if you are using a Windows 10 computer, many of the cheap "Chinese knockoff"  cables will not work with Windows 10.  Be sure that you buy a cable with an authentic FTDI chip--the Chinese often use knockoff chips that won't work.

Also, as I so frequently note, the IC-2300H will not tune the analog splinter frequencies in the railroad band created by narrow-banding, so you're essentially limited to programming the 97 "original" AAR channels in the radio.  You might find it more cost effective just to program them in from the radio panel and microphone keypad.  

I have not used or tested the 2300H, but a couple of its predecessor models that I used were very prone to intermod and electronic interference.  I had to put an inline nosie filter on the power supply cord to eliminate some of it.  I like Icom's commercial radio models very well, their amateur stuff not so much.

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