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Date: 08/29/20 10:59
Ham-railfans notice.
Author: K3HX

Proposal to reinstate/raise amateur radio fees.



Tim Colbert  K3HX

Date: 08/30/20 09:44
Re: Ham-railfans notice.
Author: Frisco1522

I screwed the pooch and let my license expire and didn't realize it until I was beyond the "grace period".   I haven't been active for a long time and just plain let it slip my mind until I saw the license in the desk drawer.

Date: 08/31/20 04:56
Re: Ham-railfans notice.
Author: Arved

To put into perspective, my GMRS license was $70 (for the same 10 years). If $50 means we're paying our own way, and not being subsidized by non-HAM taxpayers, I'm going to take the unpopular view and be for it.

73 de KF4UCQ

Arved Grass
Fleming Island, FL
Arved Grass

Date: 08/31/20 13:04
Re: Ham-railfans notice.
Author: norm1153

I think it's reasonable.  No disagreement from me, at $5/year.

Date: 09/01/20 07:29
Re: Ham-railfans notice.
Author: WW

norm1153 Wrote:
> I think it's reasonable.  No disagreement from
> me, at $5/year.
> Norm WA6ZHE

Ditto.  A 10 year license for $50 is still a bargain.

Date: 09/05/20 17:20
Re: Ham-railfans notice.
Author: tomcough

Agreed. The license fee increase is likely overdue.

Tom Coughlin
Stow, MA

Posted from iPhone

Date: 09/14/20 12:56
Re: Ham-railfans notice.
Author: skyview

But its not needed!  There is virtually no cost to renew a license, its all done electronically without even a license being sent.  Nothing more than yet another tax in the form of a fee.

Date: 11/14/20 11:14
Re: Ham-railfans notice.
Author: K3HX

Our radio club is operating a special event station to celebrate the
centenery of KDKA, the first commercial radio station.  We will be at
the original transmitter site today and tomorrow mostly on 20-40-80
CW and SSB using K 3 D.  Please listen for us and spread the word.
Our plan is to operate at the lower end of the general portion of each
Tim Colbert K3HX

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