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Date: 01/03/21 13:20
Help with loading images
Author: srman

O.K. ladies and gentlemen I have a problem. Now let me say I'm not the best with computers and understanding the lingo so I hope that someone can explain to me in simple terms how I can resolve this problem. For the past few years I've had a Canon T3i and it has preformed flawlessly. I shoot in raw, come home insert the card in my computer, make any tweaks in photoshop, size and I'm good to go.
Well over the holidays I headed to Georgia to visit my small family of five. Going down I caught a few trains and everything was good. On the 26th my camera just locked up for some reason. I would press the shutter and in order to close it I would have to press it again. I wanted to do some fanning while down there but this wasn't going to work. On the 27th I headed for a Best Buy to buy a new camera which I wanted anyway. I bought a T7. Yeah I like my T3i better in some ways but I wanted a little higher mega pixils. I'm going to have the T3i repaired. I bought a card for the T7 however when I inserted it into theT3i camera it said it wasn't reading the card. I took the card from the T3i and everthing seemed to work fine. I'm back in business. Or so I had hoped. Got home last night and when I inserted the card into my computer it only read those images that I originally took with the older camera. When I tried again it said the nothing was imported. The files or folders selected to import did not contain any supported file types or files are already in the catalog. When going to photoshop then icons are there for those images from the older camera but when I click an icon taken with the new camera it says that it could not complete your request beacuse the file appears to be from a camera model which is not supported by the installed version of camera raw. The images on the new camera are shot in raw as well. I can see them in the camera but not on my computer. I sure hope that I'm not SOL because I got a few nice ones with the new camera. Thanks for any help and remember what I said in the beginning.

Date: 01/04/21 06:46
Re: Help with loading images
Author: JayK

Even though the files from your T7 are still Canon raw files (.CR2) they are not exactly the same as raw files from the T3i.  Depending on the age of your Photoshop software it may not recognize the newer format of these files. If that's the case you need a newer version of Photoshop. As an alternative you can convert the T7 raw files into digital negatives (.dng files) by downloading Adobe's free DNG converter available on their website. Your current version of Photoshop should be able to read that format.

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Date: 01/04/21 08:25
Re: Help with loading images
Author: robj

Well first when relating the problem I'd stick to the details only, camera models cards etc, it is harder to follow when there is a lot of extra narrative.

There is some confusion, you put the old card into the new camera? the new card didn't work? ?  Did you try to format the new card?

Like mentioned, if you have an old version of PS it may not have the updated to read the newer RAW.  You can check, there are sometimes upgrades available to a point depending how old your PS version is. the dng fix may work, never tried.

The temp fix now is to shot large JPG or JPG + RAW if available.  Any version of PS will read any jpg.

Besides that, if you are putting an old card from one camera in another., it should be formatted in the new camera.



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Date: 01/04/21 09:41
Re: Help with loading images
Author: radar

Generally speaking, the card needs to be formated by the camera using it.  (Note that formatting erases everything on the card.)  SD cards do fail from time to time, and I have also seen older cameras that reject newer types of cards (higher speed, etc.)  Older card types are still available.

For what it's worth, I recently had trouble with new Kinston Canvas Select cards not working in a couple of different devices.  I switched back to Sandisk, which have never given me trouble.

Date: 01/09/21 13:17
Re: Help with loading images
Author: mojaveflyer

I had a T3 and later moved to a T6i. I format the card when I put in the camera just to be sure I'm using a 'new' card that doesn't have any older images. I also have a modified 60D that uses SD cards as well. It's never been an issue using a card out of the holder because I've always formatted when I put it in the camera. If you  don't format a card you may run out of room quickly and find you have new and old images so unless you don't mind losing the new images you can't format the card.  

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

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