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Date: 02/14/21 09:41
Slide storage in 2021
Author: midwest

With the sky high prices of the Logan 200 slide boxes ($60 bucks new), what have others been using with good results? I still have thousands of slides still in yellow and green boxes and I'd like to turn to sorting them out before the world opens back up. I'd be interested in metal boxes or archival grade storage boxes made of cardboard/paper.


Date: 02/14/21 09:57
Re: Slide storage in 2021
Author: Arved

Print File brand slide pages, and a suitable binder to hold them in. I prefer Beseler Besfile binder with rings to hold them. Pricier than regular binders, but don't need a slipcase to keep dust out. Available from major photographic suppliers, such as B&H or Adorama - even Amazon. They may have other solutions you might prefer.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Arved Grass
Fleming Island, FL
Arved Grass

Date: 02/14/21 16:47
Re: Slide storage in 2021
Author: bodkin6071

PrintFile slide storage pages, in a 3 ring binder.

Date: 02/15/21 12:02
Re: Slide storage in 2021
Author: grahamline

You can find used Logan boxes for considerably less than $60.

Date: 02/15/21 22:42
Re: Slide storage in 2021
Author: K3HX

I've used Akro-Mills 19228 for several decades with no complaints.


Has a special anti-outgassing construction,  Made in the USA.

About $119 each. 

Be Well,

Tim Colbert  K3HX

Date: 02/16/21 13:29
Re: Slide storage in 2021
Author: midwest

Logan 200s? Can you point me in the right direction, please?


Date: 02/17/21 05:33
Re: Slide storage in 2021
Author: JayK

Date: 02/17/21 11:05
Re: Slide storage in 2021
Author: chico

For those that have reasons NOT to want to take slides out of the boxes they came in from the processor, and will have a storage temperature above 50 degrees, read on:

I've discovered Sterilite 32Qt. containers with lids (and gaskets) that have handles will hold approximately 200 boxes of slides (each box holding a conventional 38 images) work well since it's important to keep the slides in groups they were shot in since they are unlabeled. Keeping the slides intact by box will help with identifying locations, etc., later on when they are digitized. And, that the boxes are clear you can write identifying marks and see through the box if you have many (I did.)

The boxes run about 14 bucks each and they can be bought in lot at Walmart etc.  The plastic is strong enough to keep from falling apart (like cardboard boxes), offer the moisture proof protection you want because they have a sponge gasket at the lid with four handles (still, don't store them in the basement-ever). They can be easily moved with a two-wheel appliance cart. The only caution is do not let them get below freezing temps because they get brittle and can be like glass and shatter--but who stores slides in their garage???


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