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Date: 03/30/21 10:59
Epson Easy Photo Scan problem
Author: ns2557

When I purchased my Epson Scanner this was the editing program that came with it. I have recently been having some strange issues with it. The actual editing of my shots is working good. The problem comes when I try to label or add text to the files. The letters when I enter them keep changing from Caps to lower case. Even with cap lock on this is on ongoing issue. It happens when typing the letters. It changes mid sentence. Have to keep going back and correcting the mistakes. I have tried un installing and then re installing the program. Even had the computer down to a repair shop in town for some other problems that were impacting performance. Told them about it and they just looked at me with that What are you talking about look. Any ideas on what might be going on or any remedies? Thanks, Ben

Date: 03/31/21 00:38
Re: Epson Easy Photo Scan problem
Author: refarkas

Have you contacted Epson about this problem? They might have an answer for you.

Date: 03/31/21 03:37
Re: Epson Easy Photo Scan problem
Author: bob01566

Try using another program to do your labeling, like Photoshop...


Date: 03/31/21 09:03
Re: Epson Easy Photo Scan problem
Author: Arved

Are you trying to add text to the image, or are you trying to rename the file?

If you're trying to add text to the image, I'd suggest using a dedicated image editor. Many free, from paint.net to GIMP.

If you're trying to rename the file, try a dedicated file manager. Can you rename files other than the ones you scan?

Arved Grass
Fleming Island, FL
Arved Grass

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