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Date: 05/22/21 10:06
Recommendations for a Photo Scanner
Author: pbrasky

I currently have an Epson Perfection V 500 [flatbed] photo scanner, whose operation isn't compatible with my MAC's Catalina OS.  Although I have a manufacturer suggested fix for it, it is nothing like the original operation of the V 500.  Although it copies documents well enough, it really doesn't like negatives (which remain negatives) or color positives, i.e., slides, of which I have many.  What's available that will do a good job scanning slides (in mounts) primarily to upload to Trainorders.com and which won't cost a prince's ransom?

Date: 05/22/21 14:26
Re: Recommendations for a Photo Scanner
Author: BRAtkinson

Rather than blame the scanner, blame Epson for a lousy program/driver they haven't kept up to date.

You might want to download Vuescan to replace the Epson software.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results! (note: I am a Vuescan customer and have not had any other relationship with that company)

Date: 05/22/21 15:13
Re: Recommendations for a Photo Scanner
Author: pbrasky

You're absolutely right, Epson no longer supports that scanner.  I'll check out Vuescan shortly.  Thx!

Date: 05/22/21 18:37
Re: Recommendations for a Photo Scanner
Author: TCnR

Lots of good recommendations for VueScan. My approach was to use an old Windows Vista Laptop, that I keep off the Internet, and use the stock Epson software with my V500, seems to scan just fine. When I tranfer files I turn the modem off, then turn the Wi-Fi on and transfer to the W10 machine. Any clean up or post processing is on the W10 machine, not in the scan S/W. I guess I'm just getting my money's worth.

Date: 05/23/21 08:40
Piling on
Author: jbwest

Can't way enough good things about Vuescan.  Been using it for years with all my scanners (Epson, Nikon, HP, etc.).


Date: 06/06/21 10:26
Re: Piling on
Author: thebluecomet

For slides and negatives I've been using a Plustek scanner for several years.  Simple to use, sturdy slide and negative holders and easy to use software.  Got it through B&H in NY at a good price.

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