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Date: 05/24/21 07:20
photo scanner help for a friend
Author: hoggerdoug

A friend, non TO member has some issues with new Epson scanner and Elements. I had a few suggestions.
Anybody have an idea to resolve his issue.   Copy & pasted from Bill's email.
thanks.  Doug
"I need help! Recently, my Epson V550 scanner stopped working properly.  So, I purchased the newer V600 model. It's scanning my Kodachromes well as 3200 dpi TIFFs.  When I try to save the TIFF's using my PhotoShop Elements 9 program it does not offer me the option to save as JPEGs.  This option had been available using the V550 and the Elements 9 program.  I prefer to use JPEGs for sharing and web posting. I contacted Epson but they could only suggest that it was a problem with Elements.  I'm wondering if you may have encountered this issue before and can offer me a solution? 

Date: 05/24/21 08:45
Re: photo scanner help for a friend
Author: robj

Well I quit scaning as TIFF's a while ago unless you want a lot of large files.  We do not have the sequence of events.  The scanner should have nothing to do with it.

If you scan as a TIFF the file is saved from the scanner.  Then if you open  TIFF in a photo editing program you should be able to save in various formats.
If the file is never saved but automatically opened in a editing program it would make sense to save only as a TIFF.  So save as a TIFF and Then open the saved file in elements.


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Date: 05/24/21 10:10
Re: photo scanner help for a friend
Author: BRAtkinson

It  could well be your 10 year old version of Photoshop Elements is unable to 'deal with' the output from a far newer scanner.  I've had the same problems when upgrading cameras through the years and was forced to upgrade Photoshop Elements to be able to handle the newer 'incoming' technology.  Welcome to the never ending 'march of technology'.

Date: 05/25/21 10:02
Re: photo scanner help for a friend
Author: JayK

The bit depth of the original TIFF might prevent it from being converted to a jpeg. Check the setting on the Epson.

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