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Date: 05/26/21 14:57
Photoshop copy /post glitch?
Author: Mgoldman

Hey all -

I've been having an issue with Adobe Photoshop when copying and pasting and was
wondering if this is "typical Adobe BS", or a fixable issue.  Or (gasp) unique to me.

When copying part (or a full image) and then pasting it back (using "Paste" or Paste in place),
 the copied image is pasted a couple of pixels off - often, lower and to the right.  It's barely
noticible but not something I'd expect (not) from Adobe. 

Known issue?



Date: 05/27/21 07:22
Re: Photoshop copy /post glitch?
Author: robj

Full image, select all. copy. (plain) paste both layers sb exact size and overlay. (I just tried).  Same seems to work aso if I have two exactly same images adjusted differently in RAW, the select all and (plain) copy one version on top of other.

Selecting part of the image and pasting: I never expected exact overlay but never used paste in place.

Generally I will paste copy  full image and then select part of overlay layer rather than selecting part of the image first.
I expect I am less advanced in PS but that is my process.

Bob Jordan

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