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Date: 07/17/21 20:06
Problem with sizing and image
Author: srman

Having a problem with sizing my images using Photoshop 2021, I've never had this issue before so I'm thinking that I may have just hit something that I shoudn't have. The problem is after sizing an image it appears that its vertically stretched. I shoot in raw and when I load them they look fine. It's only after they are sized. I typically size the image around 1200x900 pixels. I recently took a trip down south shooting a lot on mainline and shortlines. I'm going to attach two of the same image, One sized which to me appears stretched and the other in raw. I hope this is a simple fix because I'm not real good on understanding the complexities of computers. Images are of the Pickens U18B's heading for Anderson S.C.  Thanks for any and all help. 

Date: 07/18/21 05:03
Re: Problem with sizing and image
Author: Ray_Murphy

There's probably some control in the program you used to rotate (and "size") the raw file that you either clicked or didn't click.


Date: 07/18/21 11:19
Re: Problem with sizing and image
Author: schaffner

It looks like you're changing the aspect ratio.  What size is the original RAW file?  Be sure to keep the ratio between the horizontal and vertical the same as the original size.  When I export images from Lightroom I tell it the size I want the horizontal to be and it sets the size of the vertical, keeping the proportions.

Jim Maurer

Date: 07/18/21 18:29
Re: Problem with sizing and image
Author: JDRumley

it could posibly be in the proportions of youre resize. Try reducing by a perentage. I always reduce by 75% and the reduction is equal in both directions.

Date: 07/19/21 02:37
Re: Problem with sizing and image
Author: SLORailfanning

You're changing the aspect ratio. There should be a checkmark that says Maintain aspect ratio, have that option checkmarked and it should come out normal

Date: 07/19/21 07:38
Re: Problem with sizing and image
Author: robj

Current subscription PS:  Only change ONE dimension, the width for horizontal photos and fit to original size checked, maintain ratio check box I think is correct for older versions.

Note the little lock to side of sizes, I think this will only allow you to change one dimension and the other will change automatically, that should show also.

Bob Jordn

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Date: 07/19/21 10:03
Re: Problem with sizing and image
Author: srman

Got it! I figured it was just something simple.

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