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Date: 07/30/21 11:13
Canon batteries for all versions of 5Ds
Author: DGOLDE

If you own a Canon 5D from the original 5D to the 5D Mark IV plus the 5DR & 5DS the LP-E6 and LP-E6N batteries that these cameras use are no longer available and are out of production.  But don't panic there is a replacement for these batteries from Canon.  It took me a while to find this out last night  but thanks to B&H on line I found out that the replacement battery is LP-E6NH the same battery used on the new mirrorless cameras.  The site also said the battery rechargers that came with your 5D mark III and/or mark IV will charge these new battery replacements.  I am not sure about whether or not the battery rechargers that came with the original 5D or the mark II will work on these new batteries.  I did order a new battery from B&H since one of the batteries on one my 5D mark III has gone into the red.  Red means by the way that battery may not longer recharge.  The price of the battery from B&H is $79.99 and at least in my case the shipping was free.

This is not ad for B&H but the Canon site did not say anything when I tried to order the LP-E6N and the site said not available and did not list a replacement.

Date: 07/31/21 06:41
Re: Canon batteries for all versions of 5Ds
Author: march_hare

Thanks for the tip. Will need a new one before my next big trip. 

Just goes to show the value of actual human beings in retail. 

Date: 07/31/21 08:17
Re: Canon batteries for all versions of 5Ds
Author: Frisco1522

I looked at B&H's web site and took the "tour" of the place.  I was blown away by their store!  For some reason I pictured them as some little storefront in NYC that sold mostly mail order.  WRONG!
I recently bought a 5TB portable drive from them and the service was excellent.

Date: 07/31/21 08:55
Re: Canon batteries for all versions of 5Ds
Author: baumback

I have been buying almost exclusively from B&H for the last 20 years. Their prices are always good and their service is excellent. I've never had any issues with them.

Date: 08/04/21 16:30
Re: Canon batteries for all versions of 5Ds
Author: ChooChooDennis

As someone who works in the B&H Pro Video and Pro Photo departments, I am very pleased that your experiences with the store are positive. 
I can say I am proud to work there. One of the guiding principles of management and every employee is honesty. This is not lip service for not only are the customers treated honestly, so are the employees. (At least in my experience that goes back years)
Yes, all EP-E6 batteries will work in all the cameras and chargers that take them.
As to the Canon battery gauge, do not worry if you see red. It will not harm your camera. All that gauge is telling you is the recharge performance level of that battery. 
I have 9 LP-E6 batteries, all Canon. Some say red. I have been using them with no issues for over a year. I shoot with three Canon 6D's and except last January when I was shooting in below freezing temp and I had to change the batteries once, one battery per camera gets me through a shoot day. 
I use only Canon LP-E6 batteries. My experiences with 3rd Party brands is that performance is uneven, Therefore I decided a while ago that I can't travel great distances, pay out a lot of money, and then distract myself from doing my photography having to worry about something as basic as the battery. 
I hate paying the high OEM price for batteries as much as anyone. But as I have found out, over and over, "Expensive hurts once, cheap hurts forever."

Dennis Livesey
New York, NY

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