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Date: 09/15/21 15:44
Best GPS units ?
Author: CCMF

Does anyone have a good GPS unit that shows rail lines and on which you can drop waypoints on the fly ?

Bill Miller
Galt, ON

Date: 09/15/21 16:35
Re: Best GPS units ?
Author: NormSchultze

My Garmins do.   Depends on how big you want the display to be and what you drive. Routes are different between cars and larger RVs. There IS an RV GPS. Ditto for trucks.

Date: 09/16/21 13:01
Re: Best GPS units ?
Author: trainjunkie

I had a Garmin Nuvi years ago and in one of the map updates, all the rail lines suddenly vanished and I was never able to get them to return. I moved to a TomTom Via which has always shown rail lines through all the updates. It just died after years of faithful service so I'm in the same boat looking for a replacement and based on previous experience, I will probably go with TomTom again.

Date: 09/17/21 11:04
Re: Best GPS units ?
Author: dbrcnw

I've noticed on a Garmin or two that the rail lines (and other detail) tend to disapear when you go above a certain speed. That happens as the display scale changes. I've been able to get the rail lines back in those cases by manually chaning the display to a different scale.


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