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Date: 10/15/21 12:29
Yaesu FT-250 Battery question
Author: ns2557

A few years back I purchased this model Yaesu Hand Held scanner.. While it has provided great reception for the most part my question comes to when the battery needs to be charged.  I bought an extra battery when I got it so I could have one ready to go when the other one died on me while out. The problem is when I put the battery on my charger. The yellow light first appears on the cahrger it then goes red as it is charging. But here is where the problem starts. After about 2-4 minutes on the charger, the green light that is supposed to let me know it is charged comes on. And the battery is not charged. Happens to both batteries. Put them on charger and it shows it is charging with red light then goes green to show charged but it actually isn't. What is going on?  Is it the charger? or perhaps the batteries not taking the charge? Getting real frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thannks for any insight. Ben

Date: 10/15/21 13:14
Re: Yaesu FT-250 Battery question
Author: TCnR

Had something like that happen to my FT-270 and FT-60r batteries, eventually bought an aftermarket charger and battery package on Amazon. One original battery was not charging and one was, so it's the chicken or the egg troubleshooting flow chart, I believe the charger went bad, although perhaps it was damaged charging a bad battery....

Either way the aftermarket package is not very expensive and it's really nice to have the radio working again. My understanding is that Yeasu is not producing 'new' batteries or chargers for these models, since they are considered 'retired' by newer models.

Make sure you fully discharge the batteries to prevent the batteries taking a 'memory' of short discharges. Makes a difference when deciding if the battery went bad or not.

There's also a story that the output stage of the charger is prone to static damage.

Date: 10/15/21 13:14
Re: Yaesu FT-250 Battery question
Author: exhaustED

I've got the same scanner and charger, i think it once did what you describe but only once... i think you might have an issue with the charger...

Date: 10/15/21 14:19
Re: Yaesu FT-250 Battery question
Author: BRAtkinson

I simply bought the optional AA-battery back pack for my Yaesu.  I went with Eneloop, perhaps the best rechargeables out there.  Never had a problem with any of them.

Date: 10/15/21 22:21
Re: Yaesu FT-250 Battery question
Author: Rick2582

Yup, had trouble myself with the charger in the car.  Poofed the protecting diode in the radio and Yaesu fixed it.
Then I went with rechargeable NiMH batteries in the separate battery holder and no trouble since.

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