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Date: 11/07/21 11:52
Map ap?
Author: sf1010

I'd like a map of RR routes for my Android phone and/or Windows machines.

Who likes what?

Thanks much.

Date: 11/08/21 06:08
Re: Map ap?
Author: MrTransportation

Hi they do have app for Android phones called Rail Guide available in the app store. This a very good app  with different filter settings with current, point of interest, classic era, current/classic, early owners, abandoned, satellite maps available. But not sure if they have it for the computer or apple phones.

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Date: 11/08/21 08:20
Re: Map ap?
Author: sf1010

I just installed it on my phone.  First impression is certainly good.

I searched for "Rail Guide for PC" and learned something new.  ​Apparently there is a way to install an "app player" to run Android apps on a Windows machine.  Maybe everybody else on the planet knew that, but I didn't.  I'll spend a little time reading about that before trying to install any apps on my PC.


Date: 11/15/21 18:38
Re: Map ap?
Author: jtwlunch

Another good rail map is FRA's Safety GIS Map which you can load up through your browser.

Date: 11/16/21 18:44
Re: Map ap?
Author: austin

Also Co-Pilot is a good rail map for following the line when Google maps are slow to reload. I've been using this app up here on the Rathole line north of Harriman, Tennessee this week. Only thing is you have to download the maps you want. Just another option I have used for many years.

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