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Date: 11/20/21 16:33
What scanner to get a novice?
Author: Pattenburg

My friend's wife called me the other day with this question. What scanner could she get her husband for listening to railroad operations here in NJ for Christams. The criteria she has is a reasonable price range and something that is easily programable. In doing some research on this forum the Uniden BC-125AT seems to fit what she is looking for. I would appreciate any comments or information regarding other alternative scanners. Thanks!

Date: 11/21/21 07:02
Re: What scanner to get a novice?
Author: WW

You can read my many other posts on this--please do a search.  My short answer--as of right now, the BC-125AT is the only portable scanner that I recommend for railfanning, period.  It performs much better than the cheaper scanner models, and even beats many of the more expensive ones.  I have noted that availability of the BC-125AT has been uneven, as of late--typical with the supply disruptions occurring right now.

Date: 11/23/21 12:38
Re: What scanner to get a novice?
Author: rhitchco

I have had a BC125AT for a few years now and it works well. All of the railroad (AAR) frequencies are pre-programmed in; very handy.

I'd suggest you read the many previous scanner posts and select an antenna more appropriate for the RR frequencies than the supplied "rubber duck" antenna...it makes a signiciant difference.


Date: 11/25/21 08:49
Re: What scanner to get a novice?
Author: BoilingMan

I agree the BC125 is a solid choice. I’ve had one for a few years now and it’s proven reliable in all situations. I especially like that I can add my own alpha titles to the frequencies- I’d be lost otherwise!

Date: 12/01/21 18:27
Re: What scanner to get a novice?
Author: exopr

I bought a BC125AT a few months ago and love it!  

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