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Date: 12/08/21 15:33
Epson Perfection V550 Scanner problem/Resolution
Author: ns2557

For those who have Windows 11 on their computer and an EPSON Flatbed Scanner (See my previous post) I had some more issues with this scanner and my new computer. Once again, having to contact EPSON Tech Support and having a very difficult time with my first call today, I recalled them again and actually had a very pleasent conversation with a Tech Rep.  What was going on now was my new computer was not or could not connect to the scanner. Went thru everything possible fix that I was aware of, to no luck. The fix was very simple, imagine that, but apparently when this error pops up when attempting to open the program all one needs to do to resolve it is to restart the WIA or Windows Imaging Application.  Thru the Windows icon on computer, right click and look for Imaging Devices and then to the WIA access. Once again for now it seems to be doing ok. And EPSON told me they are indeed working on a fix to some of the other issues that are popping up with the new Windows 11 OS in regards to these older scanners.  Hope this helps anyone else who might come across some of the problems I encountered.  God Bless everyone, Merry Christamas too. Ben

Date: 12/08/21 19:52
Re: Epson Perfection V550 Scanner problem/Resolution
Author: robj

Glad you got info from epson.  Generally when in doubt do a hard shutdown and reboot, not sure if that would have helped.  Even on Vista, the application seems to get confused if I try to open the epson application with the scanner shut off and then turn the scanner on, it some times still is hung up not finding scanner..


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Date: 12/23/21 08:58
Re: Epson Perfection V550 Scanner problem/Resolution
Author: lilwes

My V 850 would not hook up with my new Windows 11 computer as well.  I down loaded a new driver made for Windows 11 64 bit for my scanner and it works wonderfully.
Wes in the flatland's

Wes Chiles
Topeka, KS

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