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Railfan Technology > Uniden BCD996P2 Scan Capability for RR Freqs.??

Date: 01/02/22 06:37
Uniden BCD996P2 Scan Capability for RR Freqs.??
Author: rrman6

Just curious if this Uniden BCD996P2 scanner will be able to receive the current band for railroad frequencies as well as the band proposed for the future RR frequencies.  All input here is welcomed!

Date: 01/02/22 19:26
Re: Uniden BCD996P2 Scan Capability for RR Freqs.??
Author: sf1010

According to the Uniden web site...
  • Continuous Band Coverage - 25MHz to 1.3GHz
  • *Excluding UHF TV and Cellular
I'm not aware of any RR freqs outside of that range.  That does not mean there aren't any!

Date: 01/02/22 21:00
Re: Uniden BCD996P2 Scan Capability for RR Freqs.??
Author: DivergingClear

Experts like WW and others may eventually chime in. NXDN capability is a must in terms of future-proofing. It looks like this radio has an optional NXDN add-on capability. Make sure to check that out.

Date: 01/03/22 06:32
Re: Uniden BCD996P2 Scan Capability for RR Freqs.??
Author: WW

Like several of the Uniden scanners out there, this one has optional NXDN capability.  That said, I've been unimpressed with Uniden digital scanners' analog performance.  I have a Uniden SDS-100 digital portable that I use for non-railfan purposes.  It performs OK in P25 digital and so-so in NXDN digital, but is my worst performing radio in analog.  If you  really want good NXDN and analog performance, the best bet is still a commerical two-way VHF  NXDN-capable radio from Icom or Kenwood.  The big tradeoff is that you don't get the UHF capability in those to monitor Head End or End-of-Train (FRED) telemetry.  I got around that limitation in my railfan vehicle by having two mobile radios--a commercial Icom IC-F5061D mobile for railroad analog and NXDN, and a much older Kenwood dual-band VHF/UHF analog amateur radio (I'm a licensed ham radio operator) that, for railfanning, I tune to scan the UHF train telemetry channels.   Another advantage of this setup is that the train telemetry transmissions don't stop the scan of the VHF railroad channels  like they will if I was scanning both VHF and UHF on a multi-band scanner.  As a side note, Icom and Kenwood have come out with several new NXDN portable and mobile radios with all kinds of technology that railfans don't need.  The good news is that these are replacing a lot of the somewhat older NXDN models out there in the field and those are finding their way into the used market--often at prices that make them pretty competitive with NXDN-capable scanners.

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