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Date: 02/02/22 09:47
Photo Editing Issue
Author: train1275

I am running a Mac and using "Photos" to do editing which had been working fine until a recent update.

So here is the problem - see posted image. 

When I go to do a simple straighten, 80-85% of the time this is the result I get.

Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong or how to correct this mess ?

Date: 02/03/22 15:31
Re: Photo Editing Issue
Author: walstib

It looks to me like you’ve successfully straightened the subject of the photo using the crop/straighten tool.

If you use the crop tool to further define the image and “square it” to compensate for the frame angle, I think you will get the desired result.

When you use the crop tool you can select a particular ratio (5x4, 16x9, etc.) I typically use the freeform setting so I’m not constrained. (Unless of course you’re looking for something particular, like an 8x10 print, and so forth.)

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Date: 02/03/22 16:24
Re: Photo Editing Issue
Author: train1275

Thanks, I see what you are saying.
So one follow up. Just how do I use the freeform ? I see the menu choice but can't figure out just how exactly to make it work.

Many thanks, it has been a frustrating problem.

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Date: 02/03/22 17:46
Re: Photo Editing Issue
Author: walstib

The exact location of the controls may vary slightly depending on what version of the Mac operating system you're running, but this is what it looks like with Photos in Big Sur.

Once you're in edit mode, make sure you are in crop mode (circled in red) and click on Freeform (also circled in red.)

Then, grab on to one of the little white corner pieces (circled in green) to adjust your image to your liking.

Date: 02/03/22 17:50
Re: Photo Editing Issue
Author: train1275

Ok, thanks. That seemed to work on a test image.
Again, many thanks !!

Date: 02/03/22 17:59
Re: Photo Editing Issue
Author: walstib

No problem, I'm glad I was able to help.

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