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Date: 02/04/22 07:05
Run 8 Simulator
Author: jmj3293

I have been neglecting to use Run 8 Train Simulator for a bit. I opened it up the other day and noticed there have been no updates or anything since late 2019. The website also shows as "Not Secure" when opened in Chrome.  Anyone know if they are still around? I do know the simulator seems to work ok but I can not purchase anything new. 

Date: 02/04/22 07:11
Re: Run 8 Simulator
Author: goneon66

they just released V3.

it is AWESOME...........


Date: 02/04/22 12:07
Re: Run 8 Simulator
Author: ironmtn

Agree with 66. The new V3 is very good. A lot of good new features that on the whole make for a very well-rounded package. A few quibbles and steps backward here and there from V2, but overall an excellent package. Highly recommended.

And their website is very much operational. I have never had a security warning from it, and I have all of my security settings quite high. Are you sure of the address? It is www.run8studios.com.
Yes, they are not https. But I have never had an issue with their site. It's safe.

That said, you may get a warning if you do make a purchase and go to download the software. That always occurs with any download of content from them, and you can proceed despite Windows' warning. I have never had a problem going ahead with the download. The warning occurs just because they have such a relatively small presence in the total constellation of the Internet that Microsoft hardly recognizes them by frequency of use. That can occur with other train simulation sites and software, too. In the constellation of online gaming, and the massive popularity and user base of games like Fortnite, rail simulation is just a very tiny niche. But one that some of us enjoy very much.


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Date: 02/04/22 16:28
Re: Run 8 Simulator
Author: jmj3293

Ok. I get it. The new version came out after I looked the last time. No need to respond anymore. I can see where this is going. Thx

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Date: 02/20/22 10:35
Re: Run 8 Simulator
Author: Graybeard1942

Go to You Tube and search for Run8.  There are a lot of very good downloaded videos of the new v3 of Run8.  Pretty nifty if you have a lot of spare time to sit in the engineer's seat.  I also had download issues but used Google Chrome which worked on the first try. 

[Footnote: I've been using Run8 now for two months and have to say that the support from the Run8 folks has been great.  This is very fun software and worth the time involved in overcoming 'the learning curve'.]

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