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Railfan Technology > Virtual Railfans Archive DVR doesn't work well.

Date: 05/04/22 12:33
Virtual Railfans Archive DVR doesn't work well.
Author: jkurt

Hi guys

I use the Virtual Railfan Calendar Archive on their new cam studio that was launched last month and it doesn't work very well  at least for me.  In the 3 8hr segments and this changes everyday approximatly every 2.5hrs that it will buffer go blank and reset.  Today I used both Cajon and San Juan Capistrano it does this at 01:38hrs  Yesterday it was fine but on Monday it turned off at 23:10hrs. Now this is across the board so if you look at mountain, central or eastern just add 1 2 or 3hrs to that timeframe related to the timezone.  I am not sure what is causing this.  It did this with Windows 10 Pro so I upgraded to Windows 11 and still there is no luck.  I have used Mozzilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge to reproduce this issue.  Maybe you guys can check this out please and let me know if you have the same issue as I do.

Thank you,


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Date: 05/09/22 13:49
Re: Virtual Railfans Archive DVR doesn't work well.
Author: jst3751

This is TrainOrders.com. Your question is better directed to VirtualRailfan.com


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