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Date: 05/14/22 06:54
Film to Digital Transfer (8mm & Super 8)
Author: LarryC

A friend has several films he would like to have digitized. I searched the archives and found info from a few years back. Legacy was the company that came up as getting the best reference. I was wondering if anyone has used Legacy recently or any other company that did an excellent job of film transfer. Thanks in advance for any info.

Date: 05/15/22 06:14
Re: Film to Digital Transfer (8mm & Super 8)
Author: bert14

Just googled it---lots of choices---11 cents per foot at Costco.

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Date: 05/15/22 06:30
Re: Film to Digital Transfer (8mm & Super 8)
Author: engineerinvirginia

Legacy did some old video tapes for us...not bad at all, and they keep you in the loop the whole time. I'm sure Costco's service is fine but I would not surprised if Legacy Box is the third party handling it. 

Date: 05/22/22 08:49
Re: Film to Digital Transfer (8mm & Super 8)
Author: LarryC

After helping a friend research a source for film to digital transfer, I have discovered that quality can vary greatly. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Check what equipment and methods the company uses in its method to transfer. Some companies simply project the film onto a screen and then use a camera to video record the projected image. Others use more sophisticated equipment. I also discover that there are two companies named using Legacy in their name, Legacy Box and Legacy Digital. Here is a link to a video that gives more detailed info about the transfer process and equipment used by Legacy Digital and others.https://legacydigital.net/versus/legacy-digital-vs-legacy-box-film-transfer-new/Thanks you to the 2 responders to my post/Larry 

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