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Date: 07/07/22 19:14
Old Film development.
Author: K3HX

I've got a roll of Kodacolour 100 which was exposed 10+ years ago.

I'd be grateful to know of a place that will take a crack at processing it.

Be Well,

Tim Colbert K3HX

Date: 07/08/22 00:10
Re: Old Film development.
Author: trainjunkie

Date: 07/13/22 06:03
Re: Old Film development.
Author: engineerinvirginia

trainjunkie Wrote:
> https://www.dwaynesphoto.com/site/products/c/color
> -film-processing?product=52491-35mm-color-film-pro
> cessing

These are the guys! Do know that there are no guarantees with old film...it may be OK but there may be color shifting...and other weird effects...I have some old rolls myself, but I am going to take a chance....may be there's some shots that look arty! And it's a fact, some of my best stuff is of the "I didn't know that would happen" variety!

Date: 07/13/22 18:18
Re: Old Film development.
Author: BRAtkinson

I happened upon a roll of Ecktachrome I exposed about 10-15 years previous and had it developed.  Major color shifts, unfortunately.  I scanned the slides into my computer and spent well over an hour apiece trying to rescue the colors.  I'd say I was about 80% successful before I decided it's close enough.  Believe it or not, it was one of the rolls from my honeymoon.  I divorced her 5 years later so she never saw the pictures.

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