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Date: 01/05/23 11:46
Posting photos from an iPhone
Author: PacificElectric1961

I hate to ask this but can someone provide the steps to post photos from an iPhone ? I searched TO but didn’t find anything.
Thanks in advance!

Posted from iPhone

Date: 01/05/23 17:48
Re: Posting photos from an iPhone
Author: MrMRL

The long time bug in the system that made it difficult for mobile uploading of images appears to have been resolved some time in the past. 

When you author a topic (or respond to an existing topic) simply click the yellow "Attach a file ..." link at the top left corner of the text box. Then click the link at the bottom of the file guidelines "Choose file" to select an existing image in your image library, or take a photo or video directly from your iPhone camera, or select a file in another location. After selecting your image or other acceptable file, click the blue "Attach" icon to the right of the image thumbnail to upload the file to the Trainorders server so it can compress and resize it down to the 1000 pixel width limit.

~ Mr. MRL

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Date: 01/07/23 21:35
Re: Posting photos from an iPhone
Author: walstib

The problem is the Trainorders mobile interface is woefully antiquated, and does not support posting photos from an iPhone. This has been an issue for years and years.

Despite the previous post that suggests the problem has been fixed, I just tried posting a photo using the mobile interface, and it still doesn't work.

But, there is a work around. It's kind of a pain, but it works.

Start on your phone by exiting the mobile interface, and switching to the full-screen desktop version.

You can do this on your phone by clicking on the yellow bar that says "Trainorders.com" on the top of your screen.

You should now see the desktop version.

Now, go to "Forum Options" — you must be logged in — and change the mobile setting so the mobile interface doesn't come up by default when using a mobile device.

Now, you can post photos from your phone in the same manner you do from a desktop computer, except you have to continually manipulate the screen around because the desktop version is too big to fit on an iPhone screen.

Once your post is complete, go back to forum options and change the mobile settings back to the way they were.

I hope this helps.

This question has come up before. I did a quick search and couldn't find any previous posts detailing the procedure.

Date: 01/07/23 21:42
Re: Posting photos from an iPhone
Author: walstib

This is a sample photo I just posted using the procedure I detailed above.

Date: 01/07/23 21:50
Re: Posting photos from an iPhone
Author: MrMRL

Forgive me, I've had my personal iPhones (several generations now) defaulted to the website's desktop template. I did have a slight suspicion in the back of my mind that perhaps there were problems still persisting with the mobile version, hence the reason I stopped using it eons ago. Honestly (and in my humble opinion) I've grown to prefer viewing the desktop site through my iPhone. The desktop template through the iOS interface (for my needs) appears to be more than capable of properly displaying all the functions of the TO.com site, including uploading images and related acceptable files.

My current mobile device...
2018 Apple iPhone XS Max / 512GB / iOS 16.1.2

~ Mr. MRL

Date: 01/07/23 21:52
Re: Posting photos from an iPhone
Author: dan

or post the photo somewhere else then save that image, post it?

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