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Date: 02/07/23 21:21
RR wall maps
Author: Soo715

I've been trying to locate a replacement railroad wall map of the US. One that also shows some of Canada and northern Mexico. I had one, it got destroyed in a disaster. I am a "rare mileage" collector and I like to ink in the lines I have rode. But....all the maps I see out there these days are laminated which won't work for my purpose. Any ideas?

Date: 02/07/23 22:22
Re: RR wall maps
Author: Lurch_in_ABQ

Date: 02/08/23 07:39
Re: RR wall maps
Author: WW

Maybe one of the map companies could produce one for you that is left unlaminated.  For example, I noticed that Houston Map Co. (keymaps.com) advertises that they will make custom maps.  They make several railroad maps (laminated)--maybe they could make one for you unlaminated.

Date: 02/08/23 07:48
Re: RR wall maps
Author: sf1010

I think Lurch was offering an alternative solution in the form of pens that will write on a laminated map.

Soo715 Wrote:
> Yeah you don't understand, maybe it's a reading
> comprehension disability? I'm looking for a
> non-laminated railroad wall map of the US, not
> marking pens.
> Lurch_in_ABQ Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > I think that I don't understand the need, but:
> > Amazon.com: EXPO Vis-à-Vis Wet Erase Markers,
> > Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 12 Count :
> Everything
> > Else

Date: 02/08/23 13:07
Re: RR wall maps
Author: TheNavigator

Some years ago, I purchased both a laminated and unlaminated map as you describe from deskmap.com.  Unfortunately, their website doesn't seem to have been updated recently, and the RR map they offer is dated 2007. But there's a contact link on their website, so might be worth an inquiry.

Date: 02/08/23 21:04
Re: RR wall maps
Author: Soo715

Thanks for the suggestions, appreciated!

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