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Date: 02/15/23 10:37
Uniden Bearcat SR-30-C
Author: robj

My BC-125AT failed, could not get keypad to work properly, went thru all steps.

Needed something in a hurry and my local Farm and Fleet had this(SR-30-C) on shelf when I looked online, even gave me exact loaction in store.

Anyway  best I can see it is simplified BC-125 .

Uses 2 AA, I swap out two sets which last probably 12 plus hours total.  Sometimes I just hold the channel as I don't like lag or missing what I am lloking and that seems to extend life.

I can program in channels one at a time with 4 keys, very simple, no software, special key sequence  needed.

Usually go raidio ref and get frequencies I need for trip and program in.  I think there are 500 channels but never go past 20.Use tuned duck and reception seems OK.



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Date: 02/25/23 09:44
Re: Uniden Bearcat SR-30-C
Author: cchan006

robj Wrote:

Many people are forgetting that in their "latest and greatest" rat race.

SR30C was first released in 2019, so it's actually a relatively new scanner. Hint is the dual function knob for volume/squelch, which is selected by pushing on the knob.

I still use my 14 year old Uniden BC72XLT, with only 100 channels, which is sufficient for railfanning. It has two knobs, separate ones for volume and squelch, which is old school, and I prefer it over the single knob. Knobs are ergonomically superior to button controls for those functions (in other electronic devices). 

Recently, my BC72XLT started acting up, where the scanner would emit clicking sounds when audio cable (earphones) would move, or get inserted. The clicking sound also generated enough radio noise to cause hold/scan to trigger randomly.

I deduced it was a loose connection from 14 years of use, so I took it part, resoldered the audio jack to the circuit board, and BC72XLT is back to normal, ready for another decade of use. 

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